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I am Olof Cronberg (b 1964) and have been into Family History since the end of the 70ties. As I am a real genealogist, I will never be ready with my family tree. I am fascinated that I still after more than 45 years can find new ancestors. Of course, this development has been possible due to ever more old documents and books are becoming digitized. There are reasons to believe that the Internet was create for the genealogists:-)

I have during long time worked for the Swedish Society for Computer Genealogy (DIS), where I also for many years was a member of the board. I am also a board member in a sophisticated Family society – The Descendants of Lovisa Maria Hjelm – with descendants all over the world. I am also member of the Swedgen group, which have made several tours to the United States to help Swedish-Americans to find their Swedish roots.

When I take a break from Genealogy, I work as a physician and specialist in Family Medicine at Växjöhälsan Medical Center in Växjö, Småland or I am on adventures in Cameroon, Africa.

Address: Fasanvägen 1, 352 73 VÄXJÖ, Sweden

Tel: +46-709-921763